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A perforated black canvas, a dark star-studded sky

Giovanni Oberti

01 Apr 2023 — 20 May 2023
Appunti 1942-1993

Xiao Zhiyu

28 Jan 2023 — 17 Mar 2023
Chapter V

João Freitas

21 Oct 2022 — 19 Nov 2022
Chapter IV

Mirthe Klück

22 Sep 2022 — 16 Oct 2022
Chapter III

Marco Andrea Magni

24 Jul 2022 — 06 Aug 2022
Chapter II

Oscar Abraham Pabón

12 Jul 2022 — 22 Jul 2022
Chapter I

Eugenia Vanni

22 Jun 2022 — 08 Jul 2022

João Freitas, Mirthe Klück, Marco Andrea Magni, Oscar Abraham Pabón, Eugenia Vanni

07 May 2022 — 04 Jun 2022

Eugenia Vanni, Michele Tocca

22 Jan 2020 — 25 Jan 2020

Emanuele Becheri

24 May 2019 — 11 Jul 2019

Marco Andrea Magni

16 Feb 2019 — 12 Apr 2019
We are not used to remembering things that will happen

Serena Vestrucci

16 Nov 2018 — 11 Jan 2019

Mirthe Klück, Marco Andrea Magni, Serena Vestrucci

31 Oct 2018 — 03 Nov 2018

João Freitas

14 Sep 2018 — 04 Nov 2018

Mirthe Klück

04 May 2018 — 06 Jul 2018
miart 2018

Mirthe Klück, Marco Andrea Magni, Eugenia Vanni, Serena Vestrucci

10 Apr 2018 — 13 Jul 2018
Il Paradigma di Kuhn – atto secondo
26 Jan 2018 — 27 Feb 2018
20 Jan 2018 — 30 Mar 2018
Ogni colore dipinge se stesso e anche gli altri

Eugenia Vanni

29 Sep 2017 — 10 Nov 2017
Extra Moenia

Helena Hladilovà, Namsal Siedlecki

28 Jun 2017 — 10 Sep 2017
Miart 2017

João Freitas, Marco Andrea Magni, Oscar Abraham Pabón

12 Apr 2017 — 15 Apr 2017
Lo Spazio Punto

Marco Andrea Magni

05 Dec 2016 — 17 Feb 2017
An Archaeology of The Oath

Oscar Abraham Pabón, Eugenia Vanni

30 Sep 2016 — 27 Nov 2016
Notte in Bianco

Serena Vestrucci

01 Apr 2016 — 27 Jun 2016
Lotteria Immanuel

Christian Manuel Zanon

18 Jan 2016 — 03 Mar 2016
Tapping in The Dark

Edith Dekyndt, Sophie Giraux, Mario De Brabandere

21 Sep 2015 — 20 Nov 2015

João Freitas

01 May 2015 — 24 Jun 2015

Giovanni Giaretta, Renato Leotta, Cesare Pietroiusti

16 Feb 2015 — 11 Apr 2015
Allegoria #2. La Pittura Oltre se Stessa

Angelo Sarleti, Michele Tocca

18 Sep 2014 — 18 Nov 2014
Point of view: pitture imperfette

Sara Enrico, Helena Hladilovà, Pietro Manzo, Giovanni Oberti

15 Mar 2014 — 25 May 2014
De Sculptura

Giulio Delvè, Namsal Siedlecki

23 Sep 2013 — 15 Nov 2013
RSVP Contemporary art in private spaces

Emanuele Becheri, Ettore Favini

14 May 2013 — 14 May 2013
Il Primo Giorno di Sole

Serena Fineschi

03 May 2013 — 29 Jun 2013
Genealogia #3

Francesco Carone

08 Mar 2013 — 29 Apr 2013
Più Giovani di Così non si Poteva

Marco Andrea Magni

26 Oct 2012 — 04 Jan 2013
Mein Gebiet

Luca Cutrufelli

21 Jun 2012 — 30 Jul 2012
Genealogia #2

Giovanni Ozzola, Remo Salvadori

16 Mar 2012 — 29 Apr 2012
Genealogia #1

Emanuele Becheri, Carlo Guaita

21 Sep 2011 — 10 Nov 2011
I luoghi e le cose

Leonardo Meoni

RSVP Contemporary art in private spaces

Emanuele Becheri, Ettore Favini

14 May 2013 — 14 May 2013
Opening: 14 May 2013
By: Esther Biancotti e Matilde Galletti

IL CONCEPT - The RSVP project was born from the desire to rediscover the 'familiar' face of contemporary art: the works, already made or site-specific, abandon the spaces usually set up for them and go rather to 'live' in a domestic and private environment.
The idea of bringing art into the home responds to the desire for intimate and personal attendance with works that would not otherwise have the opportunity to visit places other than those intended for exhibition or collecting. A reflection on the exhibition and the meaning of the places of art, on the value of the work extracted from the usual context of belonging, on the occupation of domestic environments, redefined by the presence of a welcome guest. In this way, the perspective of the work also changes, no longer a simulacrum (of a life) to be venerated with detachment, but a relational individuality with which to share the invitation. The symbolic meaning of this project is, therefore, in offering accommodation, albeit temporary, to the work, placed in the domestic frame and in dialogue with other objects that already characterize that living space. The work becomes an experience of life, a story that arises from the dialogue between the artist and the owner of the house - and between the artist and the house itself - for a different episode of its existence. The hospitality offered to the work is on the one hand the feeling of care that the house creates as a physical and emotional shelter, on the other hand it interprets in a transversal way the relationship between public and private. A private space open to the public and a fruition based on an intimate and unmediated relationship that proposes the work through a friendship, inserted in the space of living. Space is an unknown place that becomes a place when we have understood it, in the sense that we possess its form, through the familiarity induced with experience and habit, also having the possibility to modify it.

INSPIRATION - The period we are living in does not allow us to imagine pharaonic exhibitions and forces, instead, a new evaluation of the system that associates art with public and private institutions. Even the near future that awaits the city will necessarily have to understand the transformation of certain paradigms and organizational mechanisms, where the economic resources from which the territory has benefited in the past will no longer be available. The RSVP project aims to imagine a localized circuit that is supported by the passion of its inhabitants, but not for this provincial. Just in a city like Siena, which has made its being local its main inspiration, we believe that the collaboration of different subjects can trigger the virtuous circle that feeds the circuit of art and the prestige of the city. The main will is to draw on the territory and the professionalism that this expresses, with a view to enhancing the excellence and with the desire to create an integrated cultural district. Projects such as RSVP - which have as their firm points the high quality level, the professionalism of the subjects involved, the synergy between the various actors present on the territory and the opening to the outside, even in the solid interest to keep dear the link with the city - can participate in that relaunch that never before Siena needs. A relaunch that starts with culture, with the "beautiful face" of art, and can set in motion a mechanism that feeds the virtuous circle of sustainable collaboration, as an antidote to the economic and cultural recession.

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